3 Tips for Successfully Using a Recruitment Service for Your Law Firm

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There are many reasons why you could be thinking about using a recruitment service for your law firm. You might be in the process of opening up a new law firm, and you might be hoping to properly staff it with paralegals, legal secretaries, attorneys, and other employees. You might need to replace an ex-employee, or you could be looking for temporary help while a staff member is on pregnancy leave. No matter why you might be thinking about using a recruitment service, you are probably hoping to be successful when you do. These are a few tips that can help.

1. Look For One That Specializes in the Legal Field

There are many different types of recruitment services out there, and many of them have different focuses. Some recruiting companies actually work with businesses and job seekers across a wide variety of industries, while some of these services are a bit more focused. For best results, consider looking for a legal recruitment service in particular. Then, you will be working with recruiters who understand your industry and what you are looking for, and you might have a better pool of job candidates with legal education and experience to choose from.

2. Be Honest About What Your Business Is Looking for

You might not end up with the recruits that you are hoping for if you aren't honest about what your business is looking for. Let the recruiter know about the number and type of staff members that you are looking for. If you are looking for staff members who have a certain amount of experience or a certain type of education, make sure that you share this information, too. This will make it easier for the recruiter to help you find staff members who are right for your business.

3. Make Your Law Firm Look Enticing

Of course, you probably want to recruit the best talent possible when using a legal recruitment service. If you want to bring in great talent, you have to make your law firm stand out so that those talented recruits will be interested in coming to work for your company rather than another law firm. When providing information about your law firm, don't be afraid to "sell" your law firm and its benefits. Additionally, make sure that your compensation package is competitive with the other top law firms in your area. As long as you do these two things, you might be surprised by the number of potential recruits who might be interested in working for your law firm.

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24 February 2020

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