How To Prep For A Residential Landscaping Project

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Residential landscaping projects can be one of the more enjoyable ways to make the place you live a little more beautiful and enjoyable. It's a good idea, though, to have a preparation checklist for when a residential landscaping services contractor is coming to your place. Here are four items you'll want to have on that list.

Permits and Regulations

Depending on the rules where you live, it's prudent to check what the regulations governing your project are. Will you need to get a permit? How close to the property line can you plant? If a tree grows past the property line, what sort of liability exposure is there? Make a call to your local code compliance office before you hire professionals or lay out any plans. This will help you avoid unexpected stoppages due to potential violations.

Map the Yard

Purchase some grid paper and pencils because it's time to make a basic map of your yard. Note where things like sheds and other structures are located, and include existing paths, the driveway, and anything else that isn't going anywhere. These will provide reference points that'll make it easier to explain where you want everything to do go. It also can give you some early warning that a particular idea you have in mind may have some shortcomings by showing you the relationships of objects in your yard.

Locate Potential Hazards

If there is going to be any digging involved below the topsoil layer, such as pitting in a tree or a pond, you need to have the possible hazards in the yard located. Hire a surveyor to review the data for your property from your county register, and have them note any issues by staking things out. You may also want to ask the various utility providers for information about what on your property. This will provide a second set of data to work from to ensure the residential landscaping team doesn't accidentally run into underground lines for electricity, water, gas, or sewage.

Clean Up the Yard

The less time the contractors have to spend cleaning up debris and junk from a yard, the more time they can focus on getting things done. If there are items like lawn chairs, patio furniture, mowers, and tools in the yard, give those a home before the crew shows up. It's also worth the time to get yard waste, mulch, soil, and compost out of the work area.


25 February 2020

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