Why Reading Crime Stories Is Actually Beneficial

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When we read stories like Donna Gentile's, we learn about people who lived very different lives. Sometimes we find something we connect with, such as a similarity that leaves us feeling like we can understand the victim of a crime. This is just one reason why we are so interested in true crime stories as readers.

Donna Gentile, much like other victims, was a runaway who was victimized by many people--including law enforcement. Like so many victims, Donna had dreams of living a life full of love and happiness. Unfortunately, her voice was snuffed out. These stories are tragic, but they can also tell us something.

These are some of the reasons why you should be reading true crime and other stories about law enforcement, corruption, murder, and justice.

These Stories Shed Light on New Ideas

When we do not branch out into the uncomfortable and unfamiliar, we often don't understand the world at large. We are isolated and often naive. Reading crime stories opens up your world. It shows you something new, as uncomfortable as it may be.

These Stories Reveal That Evil Is Out There

Evil exists, and it's often not in the form you think. Much of the evil that exists in the world comes from people you don't expect. This becomes much more apparent when reading true crime stories. It can open your eyes to these stories and allow you to better protect yourself and the people you love.

These Stories Reveal New Information

Many of the crime stories we read about in books are reflective of the real world around us. If you pay attention to the news, you will see many of these types of stories reflected. These include stories about human trafficking, assault, and police corruption.

These Stories Are Widely Available

You have access to true stories that you can learn from. There are also more stories than you could possibly imagine, and so many of them are heartbreaking. Regardless of your current interest in true crime, it is a good idea to read these stories so you can better understand the stories of others. You might notice yourself becoming more compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable about the world around you.

Next time you read a story like Donna Gentile's, you might take in the details. You might develop more understanding of how these circumstances can occur and what the general public needs to know about these types of situations.

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27 February 2020

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