Understanding The Process Of Having A Residential Well Drilled

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If you're planning on building a home on a rural lot that is not connected to a municipal water supply, you will need to have a well drilled in order to provide water for your household. A properly drilled well can provide an ample supply of water for many years to come. While the process of having a well drilled is not fast and simple, ensuring that each step is done right will result in a great well. Continue reading to learn more about what you can expect from the process of water well drilling:

Choosing the Right Location

Before you can move forward with having a well drilled, it is essential that the right area on your property is selected. You will need to work with a well drilling company to conduct testing of different areas in order to analyze the water table. A well drilling company will take care to make sure that the proper spot is located. Measuring the water table on your land is imperative if you want a well that will provide continuous access to water for many years to come. In addition, the company drilling your well will look for an area with good drainage that is located away from sloping areas in order to prevent your well from being contaminated over time.


Even though you may own the land where the well is being drilled, that doesn't mean you can move forward without having the proper permits in place. Getting permits to have a well drilled can be a drawn-out process, so it is best to begin the permitting process as far in advance as you possibly can. Giving yourself extra time to get any necessary permits in place will help you avoid annoying delays that may be costly when you have already arranged to pay a well drilling company for their services.


Drilling a modern well involves a lot more than just digging a really deep hole in the ground. You can expect construction to begin with drilling down to the water table. After that milestone is achieved, the well will be reinforced and the right type of pump will be installed. Once the well is in good working order, it will need to be connected to the plumbing system of your home, and several tests will be conducted to ensure that there is adequate water pressure and ample water flow. 


2 March 2020

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