Why You Should Go The Inpatient Route For Detox

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If you are looking to get clean from either alcohol or drug use, you might be looking at one or more detox programs to help you get better. While there are a wide variety of options out there, if you are suffering from a bad addiction, it might be to your benefit to choose an inpatient detox center. Here's why going the inpatient route could be to your benefit as you move down the road towards recovery.

Immediate Treatment for Withdrawal Symptoms

People may have told you that quitting drugs or alcohol will make you feel better in the long run and that might be true, but not many people mention that the process of actually getting clean can be quite painful. If your body has truly become dependent on alcohol or a drug substance, your body will crave more of that substance in the short term. When you deny it because you are trying to quit, your body could respond in a variety of ways that will not end well for you. You could have nausea or in more extreme cases and depending on what type of drug you are trying to quit, you could end up battling seizures or hallucinations.

Inpatient detox centers know what is coming. They will be able to prepare you for what's ahead and the moment your body starts reacting to the detox, someone will be there to provide medical assistance. You might even be able to get treatment in advance to stave off the worst of your withdrawal symptoms. Trying to get through withdrawal on your own in an outpatient program could end up being a lot more difficult. If you anticipate a hard crash after you finally stop using, inpatient is the way to go.

Keep Temptation Away

When you go to an inpatient program, you will only associate with others who are also trying to get clean as well as the counselors or medical staff. Inpatient detox is a positive environment that will encourage recovery. More importantly, by forcing yourself to stay at a detox center, you will keep yourself away from your old life for a little while. There will be less temptation to use because you won't be around any of your old friends who enabled your previous behavior.

Avoid Triggers

It can also help to push the reset button on your personal life for a while. If you were often triggered by stress from work or a personal relationship, inpatient detox lets you keep those types of problems at bay as well. Contact a local inpatient detox center today to get started.


2 March 2020

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