3 Reasons To Use A Commercial Building Protection App To Coordinate Your Security Efforts

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If you are running a commercial building, one of the many aspects you are responsible for is security. With a large commercial building, you need a way to coordinate your security efforts, which is where a protection app comes into play. A commercial building protection app is designed to allow you to streamline your security operations, so everyone on the security team has access to the same information.

1. Access Live Feeds

Many security apps allow you to access the live security feeds from your building. You can easily switch between different security feeds and monitor what is happening in your building remotely. With access to all live feeds, everyone who needs to know about building security can easily check-in and see what is happening.  Having more people who can access and watch live feeds can make it easier to keep things in check.

2. Centralized Security Logs

When you are running a commercial building and you have a security team watching the building, each member of the security team should file a report that details their security efforts each day. This report should include any incidents that they had to deal with during their shift, as well as their observations as they walked around and watched security footage.

Centralizing security logs can help you identify security plans and issues and will make it easier to look up past incidents when you have the ability to keep all that information in one place. You will also have an easier time compiling data when you keep the information all together in one app.

3. Access to Maintenance Records

Maintenance records are important for your security team to know about. For example, it is important for your security team to know the lock on the backdoor isn't working properly so that they can keep an eye on the door until the maintenance request is taken care of.

It is important for your security team to have access to maintenance records and for them to know when an issue is taken care of. This can help enhance your security team's work to protect your commercial building.

If you are running a commercial building and you are responsible for the security of the building, you need tools that will help you manage your building's security. A commercial building protection app is designed to allow you to centralize your security efforts, keeping things such as security logs, maintenance records, and even security feeds all in one place.


4 March 2020

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