Going On A First Date? Two Reasons To Go Paddleboarding

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Taking a romantic interest out on a date for the first time can cause a lot of jitters. You're interested in the person and want to make a good impression so that hopefully the two of you can hit it off and possibly begin a relationship. The first date sets the tone, and the way the event flows can determine if you will see the other individual again or if things will fizzle out. This is your time to lay the foundation for a bountiful future, and it all starts with standing out from the pack. Going paddleboarding could be the perfect way for you to have an enjoyable time with that special someone.

Paddleboarding Equals Instant Fun

It's considered traditional to take a date out for dinner and a movie. You both sit across from each other and try to make conversation. Unless you are a particularly outgoing or social person, you may not be able to think of good questions or topics of discussion with someone you don't know. If you come off as shy or anxious, it could set the wrong mood and cause your date to think that you won't be suitable for further meetups.

Your first outing should be a relaxed, exciting event where you're in a natural environment that makes it easy to share laughs and a good time. Paddleboarding can be an amazing adventure because the person you're taking out may not have done it before. You'll be introducing them to a great sport and forming lasting memories in the process.

Paddleboard Rentals Are The Stress-Free Way To Go

Another good thing about going paddleboarding is that you won't have to worry about bringing anything but yourself. You can rent the paddleboards for the day, and you may even want to take a guided paddleboard lesson or tour. Ask your date to wear a swimsuit or swim trunks and store a few towels in the car. After your paddleboard session, you can dry off, put your clothes back on, and possibly head off for ice cream to talk about what a fantastic time you had.

In addition to having a blast, the two of you will both be burning tons of calories and getting a workout without the usual hassle. Find a local paddleboard rental facility, such as Curlys Coffee, make your appointment, and prepare yourself for a day of fun in the sun with your date.


4 March 2020

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