Selling Your Custom Fashions Online? Two Reasons To Use Swatch Memos

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If you have an eye for fashion and hands that know their way around a sewing machine, becoming a clothes designer is a profession that you're sure to love. The passion you feel for great clothes makes you the ideal person to start creating one-of-a-kind pieces that absolutely thrill your clients. You may have spent time creating custom pieces for people in your local area, but now you're looking to expand operations. Setting up an online business via the Internet is a terrific technique to use when you're ready to reach a larger audience. However, making clothes in the virtual world requires a few adjustments. Sending out swatch memos to clients can help you reduce churn and build a reputation for excellence.

Swatch Memos Let Customers Know What They're Getting

It's amazing how different a piece of cloth looks when you have it in your hand as opposed to the way it appears in a magazine. The color might appear to be glossy on the pages of the textile circular, but once you see it in the light of day, it actually has more of a matte hue. When clients come to see you in person, it's easy for the two of you to examine a piece of fabric in real-time to determine if it's the right shade for the garment. Things change when you're trying to make clothes for people from a distance. If a client picks out a certain fabric and is displeased once they actually receive what they ordered, you could have a completely useless garment in your possession.

Save Yourself Money & Time With Swatch Memos

The best way for you to make sure that you and the customer are on the same page is by sending them a swatch memo. A swatch memo is essentially a large block of the exact fabric that the client has chosen. The buyer can then examine the fabric to see the color as it appears in person rather than how it looks on the pages of a magazine. By providing them with a swatch memo, you should be able to save time because you won't have to redo orders for disgruntled customers who are upset that the fabric they chose wasn't as fabulous as they hoped it would be.

You should aim to send a swatch memo to every virtual customer before you get started on their outfit. By doing this, you can hopefully eliminate wasted fabric and the time that you would have invested into making a garment that will be rejected by the purchaser.


5 March 2020

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