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One of the biggest struggles for small business owners is learning how to grow their business. Growth is one of those things that can come naturally for some businesses but requires work for most. If you've been looking for ways to help your business grow, you might be thinking about working with a business growth consulting firm. Your growth consultant may recommend that you start by setting goals for your business. Here are some goal-setting tips to help you get started.

Don't Just Think Short-Term

One of the most common problems that business owners have is focusing solely on short-term goals. While it is ideal to be able to see success in the short-term, it's equally important that you think about your company's growth and goal targets from a long-range perspective as well.

Not only does setting long-term goals allow you to truly paint a picture of the future of your business, but it also allows you to adapt your short-term goals so that they help you achieve those long-range plans.

Otherwise, you could set achievable, target-oriented goals for your company's immediate needs without a long-term plan to make the most of those goals. That's why it is important to think of your goals in terms of quarterly as well as annual targets.

Make Your Goals Clear

Another common problem that can hinder business growth goals is setting goals that are not clear enough for you to successfully achieve them. When your goals are too vague or general, it's not only hard to know for sure that you've actually reached them, but it is also difficult to measure your progress against those goals as you work.

When setting growth goals, you need to be sure that those goals are clearly defined. For example, aim for increasing your customer reach with mailings by 20 percent over the next quarter and 40 percent over the next year. This is easier to work toward than a general goal of just increasing your customer reach.

Start Small

Discouragement is one of the leading causes of failure when it comes to reaching business growth goals. When you set your goals too high or unrealistically out of reach, it can lead to discouragement when you can't quite hit those goals. That's why you should consider setting your initial goals smaller and working up from there.

With smaller goals, such as low target percentages for increases, you will feel the momentum of achieving those goals as you go. This encourages you to keep striving as you can adjust those goals and expand them each time you hit a target.

Talk with a local business growth consulting firm today for more help and to see what kinds of goals might help your business.


5 March 2020

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