Repurpose Your Collection Of Hand-Drawn Greeting Cards

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A lot of time and focused attention goes into creating a batch of hand-drawn greeting cards. Some illustrations may be limited due to the number of reproductions that an artist offers, and each card showcases an individual's talent and unique perspective of animate and inanimate objects. If you have been receiving hand-drawn cards for some time and appreciate the individuality and heartfelt words that each one expresses, some crafting techniques will allow you to showcase your favorite ones.

Tag The Memories And Create A Flipbook

Look through your batch of cards and think back about when you received them and what each event symbolized. Cut the front from each card and write along the backside portion. Include details about the gift that you received or whether or not the card was exchanged by itself, to commemorate a special occasion or to provide you with uplifting words.

Use a hole puncher to create a hole in the top of each card. Use decorative twine or colorful yarn to string all of the cards together. Knot the ends of the twine or yarn. Look through the homemade flipbook whenever you want to reminisce about the past or when you feel inclined to look at the artwork that is printed on the cards.

Prepare Individual Gift Tags Or Note Cards

Sticking hand-drawn cards in a drawer or a closet will limit your ability to share the beautiful artwork that is printed on each one. If you don't feel comfortable sharing the entire batch of cards with others, due to the personal messages that are scrawled inside of them, repurposing the artwork is another option to consider. Look through your card collection and pick some that contain pictures that one of your friends or loved ones would appreciate.

If you have a special occasion coming up and you would like to utilize the artwork, cut small pieces from each card, to create gift tags or note cards. Use tape or a hole puncher and string to affix a gift tag or a notecard to each item that is going to be given to someone who you care about.

Make A Collage

Looking at illustrations can be inspiring, especially if you enjoy drawing and would like to utilize an idea that is printed on a greeting card. Cut pictures from the cards that you own and glue them against a piece of poster board or plywood. Suspend the collage over your desk and use the artwork as a guide.

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9 March 2020

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