Seven Things You Should Know About Distilled Water and Your CPAP Machine

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There are a lot of things you need to learn about CPAP machine use and maintenance when you start undergoing CPAP therapy for the first time. In particular, you need to understand the importance of stocking up on distilled water. The following are seven things you should know about distilled water and your CPAP machine. 

Distilled water should be used in CPAP humidifiers

You need to stock up on distilled water because it is recommended that you only use distilled water in CPAP humidifier chambers. When you use a CPAP machine, you need to have water supplied to the humidifier for the machine to function. It's important that CPAP machine users know that they shouldn't be putting tap water in their machines.

The minerals in tap water can cause damage to numerous CPAP machine components

One of the primary reasons why it's so important to use distilled water in CPAP machines is because tap water and other types of water can contain minerals. These minerals can accumulate in CPAP machines over time and leave a residue. This leads to a damaged CPAP humidifier chamber. 

Distilled water is a readily accessible type of water that you can be confident is free from minerals that harm CPAP machines.

The water used in CPAP machines should not have any dissolved minerals in it. Distilled water is the only type of water that's widely available that shouldn't have dissolved mineral content in it. 

The use of distilled water with CPAP machines protects patients from bacteria exposure

A lack of dissolved minerals is not the only reason why distilled water is preferable for CPAP humidifier use. Distilled water also generally has little or no bacterial content. Therefore, using distilled water protects those undergoing CPAP therapy from exposure to bacteria that could potentially cause infection. 

It's better to use distilled water than regular bottled water in CPAP machines

You might be tempted to use bottled water rather than distilled water in your CPAP machine because it's more widely available. However, bottled water usually contains significant mineral content. Even when you're traveling, it's a good idea to find distilled water for your CPAP machine rather than using bottled water. 

The distilled water in a CPAP humidifier should be changed daily to prevent bacterial growth

You need to have a pretty large supply of distilled water available to you. CPAP machine users go through distilled water quickly because they need to empty and refill their humidifier chamber on a daily basis. Leaving distilled water in place for more than a day can lead to harmful bacterial growth. 

The use of distilled water helps maximize the lifespan of a CPAP machine

Using distilled water isn't just important for your health when you're undergoing CPAP therapy. It's also important for maximizing the lifespan of CPAP equipment. Because distilled water use prevents mineral buildup, it makes CPAP machines last longer. This is important considering the expense that acquiring a CPAP machine entails. 

For more information about CPAP distilled water, contact a supplier near you.


9 March 2020

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