3 Features Your Coastal Home Floor Plans Should Include

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Are you getting ready to design custom coastal home floor plans? Here are a few features that should be included:

Large Picture Windows

One important feature that shouldn't be overlooked when designing floor plans of your new coastal home is large picture windows. When you can't be outside enjoying the coastline views, you should be able to see those views from inside your new home. Whether you are doing dishes or watching a movie on your television, views of the coast, the trees, and other nature elements should be easily enjoyable.

By implementing picture windows into your overall home design, you will help to bring the outdoors inside and help ensure that you don't miss a sunrise, sunset, rainbow, or even a beautiful flock of birds even when the weather is stormy outside. The big, open windows will let a lot of natural light inside, too, which should help save you money on energy costs throughout the year.

A Centralized Fireplace

It's bound to get chilly near the coast, especially during the winter months. You can stay cozy inside with the help of a whole-house heating system. But nothing can compare to the coziness and relaxing ambiance of a fireplace. Strategically installing a fireplace in a centralized area of your home will help keep the interior nice and warm no matter how cold it happens to be outside.

And the fireplace will add a sense of luxury and stability to the look and feel of your home overall. You'll be able to spend quality family time playing games in front of the fireplace, and you will have an opportunity to enjoy plenty of romantic evenings there sipping wine with your loved ones. The entire family is sure to appreciate the extra bonding that a fireplace has to offer as time goes on.

Outdoor Protection

While beautiful, the coastline is sure to deliver strong breezes and winds to your new coastal home throughout the coming years. So it's a good idea to include some wind protection in your overall home design. A windbreak wall that extends from your home to cover one side of your patio or porch will provide you with a safe and comfortable place to spend time outdoors even when the windy weather isn't very inviting. Even a half-walled gazebo will give you a little extra protection from the winds so you and your family can spend more time outside during the spring and fall seasons.

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10 March 2020

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