3 Tips For Making Your Business More Dementia Friendly

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Because dementia is a condition that is affecting a lot of people today, you should strive to do everything in your power to accommodate these customers in your business. The better that you are able to do that, the easier it will be to widen your pool of customers and make sure that you are taking all of the appropriate steps. For instance, investing in dementia-friendly business certification services will allow you to improve every facet of your business, from the signage to customer service. 

In order to get the most out of improving your business, it pays to follow the dementia-friendly certification tips below. 

#1: Get to know the things that will make your company a dementia-friendly environment

In order to masterfully improve your company so that it is more dementia-friendly, you should think about the environment that you are creating on a daily basis. For instance, start with small improvements that make a huge difference, such as improving your lighting. Installing new LED lights throughout your business will improve the visibility of the entire environment, which is crucial for customers living with dementia. Add some decorations, and always strive to make it a warm and friendly environment. 

Post signage prominently so that these customers know exactly where they are going and why. Include assistive technology to help your customers, and always keep up with the repairs of your furniture, stairways, railings, and other property. 

#2: Hire the help of a firm that can provide you with dementia-friendly business certification services

Do everything that you can to link up with a company that provides dementia-friendly business certifications. These certifications ensure not only that your building has created a dementia-positive environment, but that it is also staying within the law as it pertains to providing for customers with dementia. 

When you enroll your company and employees in certification training, your employees, managers, and everyone else in your company will be properly trained to communicate with and offer services to people that have dementia. 

#3: Consistently upgrade your property and infrastructure to be more dementia-friendly as a whole 

Finally, it is important that you also take the time to make changes to your property that will make it a more dementia-friendly environment. Keep up with your landscaping and outdoor areas, and ensure that they are very easy to access. Make sure that you are always able to communicate quickly and easily with the customers that come in and out of your building so that you are also able to quickly identify when a person has dementia. 

Follow these tips, and to learn more about helping customers with dementia, reach out to a dementia-friendly business certification service near you. 


10 March 2020

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