Supply Chain Management Strategies

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Fulfilling orders in a timely manner may be the promise that you have implicated through marketing or direct contact with customers. Although you may have high expectations that products will be readily available, a material shortage or a transportation issue could prevent a vendor from delivering goods to you by the date you expected. Use some supply chain management tips to aid in keeping your shelves stocked and products steadily coming into your business.

Estimate Your Company's Usage

When a new product is introduced, it can take a while for it to gain popularity, and you may use the first couple months to broaden your marketing strategies to alert your targeted customers to the addition in your inventory. During an introductory phase, it is important to keep track of all of your incoming orders so that you can determine how quickly this item begins to sell.

Keep in touch with your vendors and possibly look for more vendors if you are concerned that the main one that you depend upon will incur a backlog of orders that will prevent them from getting the product to you in time. If the new product is something that is manufactured in-house, you are going to need to ensure that there are plenty of materials on hand to keep production flowing.

Designate an area inside of your business that can be used for storage purposes. Purchase a surplus of materials and have the new product mass-produced to prevent shortages. Look for local avenues, which may aid you during times that your standard vendor does not come through.

For instance, if you normally buy materials from a company that is located far away and freight is delivered on a weekly schedule, having a backup plan, which involves driving to a local business and buying materials that are needed, may prevent the need to place your customers' orders on hold.

Make Your Needs Known

When forging a relationship with a new vendor, clear communication is essential. You should be aware of any fluctuations in prices that you may experience or specify that you would like to pay a set amount that will not change.

Of course, there may be variations in your agreement, especially if inflation or a national shortage of material is going to drive the price of a product up. During your conversation with a new vendor, let it be known how often you will be ordering products and the methods in which you would like them to be delivered to your business.

To learn more, contact a supply chain management company.


17 August 2020

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