Mold Abatement Strategies For A Business Owner

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Mold spores that are located within a confined space can lead to mold growth and the possibility of building materials or goods becoming destroyed. Mold abatement strategies should be conducted on the onset of a leak or a visual detection of an unfamiliar substance that is affixed to a surface. The following strategies will aid in preventing serious mold growth issues.

Inspect A Leak And Detect Humidity

Address any type of leak that is located indoors by inspecting surfaces and determining if a damaged or loose piece of plumbing or a crack in your commercial building's structure have contributed to the accumulating moisture. Disinfect surfaces and cordon off the area so that your employees and consumers do not enter the area that is affected.

Have a licensed plumber or construction worker repair or replace materials that caused a leak. Invest in a digital hygrometer. This piece of equipment will detect the humidity level within an enclosed space. If the reading is high, using a dehumidifier or having a new ventilation system installed will aid with maintaining a pleasant atmosphere that is not favorable for mold growth.

Replace Old Flooring Or Window Coverings And Handle Complaints

If you have a lot of inventory in your business and haven't conducted many upgrades in a while, the floor or wall coverings could be harboring mold spores and contributing to the unhealthy air quality that is within your business.

Replace old carpeting or worn-out rugs, remove window coverings, and choose a non-fabric material as a replacement. A floor covering that contains a deep pile or a fabric window covering that is textured can trap allergens and bacteria that will ultimately cause mold growth.

Smooth floor coverings, such as tile or laminate will be easy to clean and disinfect. Window coverings that contain wooden slats or a pull-down PVC sheet will block the sun's rays and reduce the likelihood of encountering moldy surfaces. Handle customer complaints in a timely manner, since some of them could relate to the air quality within your business.

A customer may notice that it is relatively warm in your business or that there isn't much ventilation while they are shopping. These details could indicate that changes need to be made in the manner that you present your business to the public. Opening up the front doors on days when the weather is pleasant or lowering the thermostat are two simple ways to increase airflow and prevent mold growth.


11 February 2021

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