What To Do When You're Faced With The Full Bail Bill

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Arranging for a bail bond for a loved one can be financially stressful if you're paying a bail bond premium as well as arranging for personal items to become collateral, including cars and houses. If the defendant doesn't show up, you lose not only the premium, but also the collateral, and you may owe yet more in fees and fines. That makes it imperative that the defendant show up to court. However, if something happens and the defendant doesn't show up in court for any reason, you may have a few options that will help you ease the financial pain.

Tell the Bail Company, Lawyer, and Court

First, if the problem is that the defendant is very ill, in the hospital, has to deal with a sudden family death, is dealing with a difficult employer, and so on, call the bail bond company, the person's lawyer, and the court immediately. You'd be surprised at how many people simply just forget that the legal system needs to know what's going on. For issues like these, the court can either reschedule the hearing or help the defendant get to court (e.g., by getting the employer to give the person time off).

Ask for an Extension to Pay Fines

If the defendant tried to skip out and was retrieved by a bounty hunter sent by the bail bond company, you'll be responsible for paying those fees. If you can't for some reason, talk to the bail bond company. This way, you can see about setting up payment plans or extending the due date for the payment. Bail bond companies don't function simply to take your money for the sake of taking everything you have. Rather, they will help you because they know that if they don't, they won't get any money anyway.

Work Harder to Find the Defendant

If the defendant is just gone, and you're faced with having to pay that entire bond, you've got to work harder at finding them. That is extremely frustrating if you weren't expecting them to take off. The bail bond company may arrange for bounty hunters, and you can help by spreading the word to everyone you know. This is not a time to worry about whether or not you're embarrassing the defendant because you'll be in dire financial straits if they don't show up. Tell everyone why you need to know where the defendant is.

It is terrifying to think about the defendant missing a court date and causing you to lose a ton of money and potentially your house or car. However, the bail bond company can work with you to an extent when there are circumstances beyond your control. For more information, contact a bail company like Abel Bail Bonds.


7 April 2021

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