An Overview Of The Elevator Inspection Process

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If your commercial building has an elevator, it's important to have it under a maintenance contract and get it inspected at least once a year, or as often as required by your state or local jurisdiction.

Your elevator has to be licensed and inspected to operate lawfully. Here are some things involved in the annual elevator inspection that's usually required by law.

Hire An Independent Elevator Inspector

Your elevator should be receiving regular maintenance from an elevator maintenance company, but they probably won't be the ones doing the inspection. Elevator inspections are done by independent inspectors who don't have ties with the maintenance company or your operation and who are licensed by the state.

The Inspector Checks The Cab

The cab is taken for a test run to check its operation and to test the phone. The telephone in an elevator must be operational to pass the inspection. Also, the interior of the cab, including the floors and rails, must be in good condition.

Lighting must be functional, and the doors need to be operating properly. The license posted in the elevator needs to be current. In addition, the floor of the cab must be level and even with the building floor once the doors open.

The Machine Room Is Inspected

The machine room is also checked during an official inspection. The room should have a sign on the door, and the door should self-close. The room needs adequate ventilation and should be clean. All lights should work, and there should be a fire extinguisher mounted that is current with its inspections.

The Inspector Reviews Records

The maintenance company you work with should leave records of their visits and the things they check. Your maintenance contract may include monthly visits that check things like alarm operation, lights, and minor damages.

You might also want your own maintenance crew to check the elevators regularly for signs the elevator might need repairs and a service call. All these tests and checks should be documented and available for the elevator inspection official to view during their visit to prove the elevator has been maintained properly.

The Elevator Inspection Report Is Submitted

When the inspection is complete, the elevator inspection company prepares the documents to file with the state or your city. If your elevator fails the inspection, you may be given a set time period to have repairs done. If your elevator passes the inspection, the inspection company or you need to file the documents with your licensing authority so you can post a current license in the elevator.


20 May 2021

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