Why Your Company Should Invest In Metal Detectable Pens

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The food industry is highly regulated in America. If you don't comply with all the regulations in this industry, your company may incur fines and penalties that could break it. Fortunately, you can increase your company's food safety by investing in detectable pens. These pens make it easy to identify when there is a problem with the ingredients and ensure that any food handled has been checked and approved beforehand. This makes them perfect for companies that want to provide the best customer service possible. Read on to know why your company needs to invest in these pens.

They Are Perfect for Any Business

Detectable pens are perfect for any business. They can be used in a restaurant, hospital, or school to provide an extra level of security and protect individuals in these establishments from accidental ingestion of dangerous contaminants.

In addition, these pens don't take up much space. They come with a detachable cap that makes them easy to store. This makes them ideal for tight spaces such as crowded vending carts or small restaurant kitchens where there may not be many cabinets available to store things.

They Can Save You From Fines, Penalties, and Pilferage

If you have health compliance concerns or need to adhere to food safety standards, you need to invest in detectable pens. These pens can help you avoid being penalized and save you from fines, citations, and the possible closure of your business for violations. In addition, companies with a high prevalence of theft can use them as an additional layer of security against pilferage because they're better at detecting things like needles.

These pens are also specifically designed according to the food industry's best practices. Their paint is made of non-toxic ink that does not contain lead or any other heavy metals. So, you don't have to worry that they'll react with metal detectors.

They Can Be Used on Non-Traditional Surfaces

In addition to being used on traditional surfaces, detectable pens can be securely placed onto non-traditional surfaces. Such surfaces include the tops of plant pots and windowsills. This is especially important for office settings because they will ensure that employees follow safety guidelines to avoid injuries. They can also be used in the automobile industry because they can write in grease.

When used to write on surfaces such as metal and glass, their ink doesn't quickly fade out. So, they can be perfect for professionals who need to write on surfaces that they cannot touch with their hands.

Detectable pens are an excellent investment for any business that needs to adhere to the food industry's best practices and ensure compliance. They can be used in cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, schools, or anywhere else to reduce the risk of contamination.

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3 August 2021

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