Use A Packing And Crating Service This Holiday Season

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An industrial packing and crating service will prepare all of your holiday gifts for shipment. This type of service will provide a reusable crate and may ship a crowbar accessory that a recipient can use to open their hand-packed container.

The Characteristics Of A Crate

Using corrugated cardboard boxes to ship items during a busy holiday season could potentially result in damage or loss. A cardboard box does not provide adequate protection from the elements. If you are going to be shipping gift items of value, using a packing and crating service is a responsible way to prepare your gift items for shipment.

A crate provides a rustic touch to a shipment. A crate is typically constructed of wood planks. A crate can be repurposed. Cardboard is often recycled, but some people may occasionally throw cardboard away with their household trash. If you supply your gift recipients with a crate, they will have access to a sturdy storage container that can be used to hold household supplies, clothing, and more. 

The Crating Process

There are a couple of ways you can go about seeking a packing and crating service. First, you can ask a retailer if they offer such a service. Some places of business provide a packing and crating service for a flat fee. You can also go shopping for the gifts you would like to mail out and then seek an independent packing and crating service. If you decide to pick out a packing and crating service yourself, you will need to prepare all of the gift items in advance.

You will be responsible for wrapping and labeling each gift. When you arrive at a packing and crating facility, it is up to you to furnish addresses and shipping instructions that you would like followed. Insulating materials will likely be used to stabilize the items that will be added to each crate. Crates come in many sizes. The person who will be responsible for packing your order or orders will choose a crate size that is sufficient for the items that are being shipped.

You can inquire about the insulating materials that will be used to line the inside of each crate. Some packing and crating services offer ways to embellish the outside of a crate. You may be able to have stenciled lettering added to the top or side of a crate. The lettering can be used to indicate the recipient's address.

For more information on packing and crating services, contact a company near you.


21 October 2022

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