Use A Screen Enclosure For Your Patio To Protect Your Indoor Cats

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When you have indoor cats at home, there's much to consider about keeping them stimulated and happy. Keeping your cats indoors will make them much safer, but it's still a good idea to give them some time outdoors to get some entertainment and fresh air. 

If you're considering having your patio screened in to provide a safe area for your cats to enjoy, as well as a place for your family to spend time, there are several tips you'll need to keep in mind. 

Avoid Cheap Screens 

Keeping your cats safe may not be as simple as having a screen installed since they aren't all built to the same standards. Aluminum, fiberglass, and other metals are all commonly used for outdoor enclosures, but each has its own pros and cons.

When you consider your cat's nails and the risk of them tearing a hole in the enclosure, choosing a screen that will provide enough protection becomes essential. Make it known that you want a pet-resistant screen when working with a contractor or shopping so that you find the material ideal for your needs. 

Consider the Opacity

One of the greatest benefits of installing a patio screen is allowing your cats to view birds and other wildlife without worrying about your cats causing harm. The opacity of the screen can affect how visible the outdoors are for your cats, making it a good idea to find a balance between how much your cat can see and what other animals can see looking in.

Dark opacity screens could make it more difficult for birds and other critters to see into your patio, making it more tempting for them to get close and for your cats to enjoy their view. 

Provide High Perches 

Even with the installation of a pet-resistant screen, you likely don't want to see your cats climbing the screen. Not only can this lead to tiny holes being poked in the screen, but it can also lead to your furniture and decoration being at risk. Instead of having this concern, make sure to include high perches so that your cats can get high up and see the view below without resorting to using the screen as a climbing wall to scale. 

If you're having a screen closure built with your cats in mind, you likely have a different set of criteria than other homeowners. Since there can be some unique needs having cats can make for your decision of a screen enclosure to buy, the above tips can help you make the right decision. For more information on a screen enclosure, contact a professional near you.


21 December 2022

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